Movement Analysis at Elite Bodyworks

Effective Physical Therapy treatment always starts with solid movement analysis. Your range of motion, strength, tissue integrity and pain patterns are evaluated at your first Physical Therapy visit. But pain-free and optimal function often go beyond these basic measures. How a person walks, squats, lunges, balances, lifts, and carries can significantly impact how they feel. We always looks at how you move when performing a Physical Therapy evaluation.

Carol is an SFMA (Selective Functional Movement Analysis) certified therapist. She has completed advanced Functional Movement System coursework, which allows her to evaluate your movement patterns and determine what may be causing any abnormalities. She is also trained in the analysis of walking and running mechanics. 

Carol’s extensive experience in orthopedics and sports medicine has given her a keen eye for identifying movement patterns and compensations that may impact your function. Once any altered patterns are identified, a road map toward moving better can be established. Techniques such as manual therapy, targeted exercise, and dry needling can help get your body moving more effectively and efficiently. You will be reassessed at each therapy session to determine the extent of improvement and which areas need continued focus. Together you will work towards improved function and less pain. 

Movement analysis can determine the cause of pain
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