Manual Therapy Techniques at Elite Bodyworks

Following an assessment of your movement, your therapist may feel that one or more types of manual therapy are indicated. Manual techniques can be an effective component of a Physical Therapy treatment session. Manual therapy can help your joints and tissues move more freely, allowing your body to function more effectively. They may be used in combination with dry needling for a powerful effect. Manual therapy techniques to the neck are especially effective for reducing headaches. They are also effective with post-concussion headaches.

Common Manual Therapy Techniques

  • Joint Mobilization: Addressing movement restriction with techniques such as joint distraction, glides, and manipulation, which can help the joints move more effectively and with less pain. These techniques can be used on the back and neck, as well as joints such as the hip, knee, and shoulders.
  • Myofascial Release: Techniques aimed at the body’s soft tissue layers, including muscle, fascia, and scar tissue. Both superficial and deep techniques may be used, and myofascial techniques are often combined with joint mobilization. 
  • Instrument-Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization: Incorporating therapeutic tools to address muscle and fascial restrictions. Tooling can provide a more targeted release for both superficial and deep tissues. 
  • Cupping: Using silicone cups to address soft tissue restriction can be an effective way to address pain and dysfunction. This is often combined with movement techniques to provide deep release. Cupping is often used with athletes but can improve movement and function for anyone struggling with injury or pain.
  • Sports Massage/Recovery: Recovery techniques aimed at soft tissues experiencing fatigue or restriction, often following a strenuous physical effort. The lymphatic system is targeted to help flush out inflammation and lead to less pain. This is often combined with other recovery methods, such as Normatec Compression.

Manual techniques lead to improved results

Following manual therapy techniques, your therapist will usually incorporate targeted exercises such as strengthening, stretching, and neuromuscular reeducation. These techniques will help reinforce the changes in your body following manual work and improve recovery. 

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