Athletic Recovery at Elite Bodyworks

Athletes at all levels know how important recovery is for performance and overall health. Recovery after training and competition allows athletes to return to their normal physical and mental state as rapidly as possible. Athletes commonly use recovery techniques to minimize muscle soreness, cramping, and fatigue, improving performance in their next competition or training session.

Even if you’re not a professional athlete, you can still benefit from treating your body like one. Elite Bodyworks has the athletic recovery services you need!

Normatec Compression

Athletes frequently use the Normatec Leg Compression system to assist with recovery from intense training and competition. The garments provide intermittent pneumatic compression after activity to reduce swelling and lactate build-up, helping reduce the time until the body is ready to exercise again. 

Normatec Leg Compression is available at Elite Bodyworks to help you achieve your fitness goals. They benefit people training for running events such as marathons or multisport events such as triathlons. However, they can also help recover from intense lifting workouts, leg fatigue from travel, and even after surgery. Contact us for special pricing on Normatec sessions.

Sports Massage

Sports Massage can be combined with other manual therapy techniques at Elite Bodyworks to give you a complete recovery package. While deep tissue work can help address areas of muscle tightness and restriction, adding joint mobilization, assisted stretching, and dry needling can give you an even more beneficial experience. Integrative dry needling, which uses techniques to reduce neuro-inflammation and restore homeostasis, can be especially helpful for recovery.

A sports massage session can help prevent injury, increase flexibility, reduce soreness, and boost your recovery so you’re ready for your next workout!

Percussive Therapy

Percussive therapy has become all the rage as a recovery tool in recent years, with available items such as massage guns, vibration balls, and vibrating foam rollers used in training rooms and gyms everywhere.

You can use vibration tools before a workout to increase blood flow to an area to help prepare your muscles and joints for activity. Research has demonstrated an increase in the amount of force produced by a muscle during a bout of exercise following the application of a massage gun or similar percussive tool.

Following exercise, percussive therapy can help alleviate pain, improve tissue extensibility, and reduce the potential for delayed onset muscle soreness. Using these tools also feels great on sore and tired muscles. 

The Hypervolt Go 2 by Hyperice is a small, compact product that can easily fit in your gym bag for you to use during your workout. We also have the full size Hypervolt 2 massage guns available. Both units are in stock and available for purchase through Elite Bodyworks. We also have a limited supply of the new Heated Heads, which fit on all Hyperice percussive units.  Contact us for more info!

Athlete performing a hard running effort
Normatec compression system for athletic recovery
Athlete receiving a deep sports massage for athletic recovery
A massage gun being used for athletic recovery
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